Christine Habermann von Hoch (1980)

(Artist, designer and blacksmith)

 Operating internationally, her roots are German as well as Czech .

Her work combines elements of art, design, architecture and craft-

based on her studies of visual art, German philology and literature, history of art (Brunico, Olomouc, Dresden, Florence), and on ancient technologies of craft and artistic metal processing which she was taught by her father Prof. Alfred Habermann (1930-2008), a master of blacksmithing.

Her main expressive material is iron, with which she often experiments freely, developing new techniques of processing (e.g. metalldrawing), and combining it with different material (paint, gold leaf, wood, glass, and so on). The essence of her work is the linking of visual value (beauty) with a meaningful content (spirit). In her works she attaches importance to a complex concept, the purity of processing, which makes her artistic works appear harmonious and spiritual.

She is involved in free creation as well as in the creation of works for customers (interior and exterior), in consulting, and she conducts courses and lectures for various institutions.

In 2007 she founded her own studio in Austria which carries her name.

In 2017 she moved to the Czech Republic, where she currently lives and works.

Her work is represented in private and public collections.